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HELM Wholeness Community Services is a 501c3 nonprofit that has been in existence since 2016.


The organization's mission is to help people trying to advance their learning.


We serve students from Kindergarten  to Postgraduates. 


Our services include tutors, educational consultants, editors,  and mentors. We work with students from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and social economic levels. 

We invite you to help us serve students through cash contributions to help students that cannot afford services. 

Dr Nancy Greer-Williams


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 Health, Education, Leadership and Ministry

HELM Wholeness Community Services uses several projects to meet it mission of helping people in their communities.

Professional Doctoral Network (PDN)--a series of workshops featuring speakers who are leaders in health, education, leadership and ministry. If you decide to join you will be able to choose from one of five options to focus: a) journal article collaboration; b) research projects; c) grant writing; d) mentoring; and e) doing presentations. 

Dissertation Designers--a doctoral level editing services

21st Century Reach Back Program--a technology based mentoring program

Helping Heroes--helping veterans